Do. Your. Job.


Tom Thibodeau made it clear in the press conference following the behemoth lose in Sacramento that things were going to change, and that he would see to it that it happened. And the team listened and responded with one of their biggest wins of the season, a 113-95 win over the Golden State Warriors, one of the stronger teams in the Western Conference and a team the Bulls have struggled against on the road for the last decade. They showed signs of the Bulls team that started the year. The team that won with hard nosed defense, effort, ball movement and great team play. We saw flashes of that team again.

But what caught my attention was a tweet sent out by Ric Bucher before the game that said, “Watching DRose warm up and I get why Bulls fans can’t wait to see him back. He’s clearly added to his arsenal.” This is the same Ric Bucher that, a few hours earlier, told the Waddle & Silvy show that Derrick Rose should not return this year, primarily because the Bulls are not good enough to beat Miami. This is also coming off in interview with Stacey King where he called Derrick Rose “explosive” in practice, and an interview with Rose where he said that physically he could do everything. 

Now, I don’t doubt that Thibodeau’s words and intense practice made a difference. And I know this is a team with a lot of pride who take a loss like that personally. But, is it possible that the Bulls also know something about the return of DRose that we don’t, and that helped fuel them last night?

One thing to note – the Bulls are off today and tomorrow, and play next on Monday at home against Denver. And that game, which had previously been on Comcast Sportsnet Plus due to the Blackhawks playing on the same night at the same time, as been moved to the main station with the Hawks moving to CSN+. Read into that any way you’d like…


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