ESPN adds Lovie Smith, really?


Lovie Smith has finally resurfaced since his departure as the Chicago Bears head coach but not in the role any Bears fan could’ve predicted. As anyone in Chicago can tell you after 9 years of press conferences that Lovie Smith isn’t the first person you think of when you want a great public speaker. His skills as a defensive mind are top-notch, and he even used that defensive personality when addressing the media which was always awkward to watch. So it’s most likely that his past accomplishments opened this door for him at ESPN, but he’s going to really need to be insightful and forthcoming with his opinion to really flourish in this new role.

Since we at Sweet Home Sports like to make jokes so here how we see Lovie contributing to the NFL chatter on ESPN.

ESPN Analyst: “What do you think about Alex Smith leading the Chiefs?”
Lovie: “Alex Smith is their quarterback.”

ESPN Analyst: “So as a coach who has taken a team to the Super Bowl and left empty handed, what would you say is going through John Harbaugh’s mind this offseason?”
Lovie: (purses lips, silent blank stare)

ESPN Analyst: “With all the weapons Peyton has in Denver what can they do on offense to really capitalize on talent?”

What is your impression of how Lovie will fair? Share it with us in the comments!


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