Time for Playoff….Mullets?


In 2007, the New England Patriots had a record breaking regular season, finishing 16-0. Who won the Super Bowl that year? The New York Giants.

Record-breaking win streaks. The President’s Cup. For the Blackhawks, all of that goes out the window tonight as they take the ice for Game 1 of the NHL Playoffs against the Minnesota Wild.

In a statistic and record-obsessed world, none of it matters unless you get the one that matters – the one we’ll always remember – a world championship. The Blackhawks now have a chance to cap off their amazing strike-shortened season with a run at the Stanley Cup – an honor they’ve fallen short of ever since they brought it home to Chicago in 2010. And while many of the supporting characters have been replaced, the Blackhawks core has remained in tact, and has a chance to return the team to glory after 2 straight disappointing seasons. Image

The Wild don’t appear to be much of a threat to the Blackhawks run, and if this season has taught us anything, the Hawks will not play down to their competition. They will come out attacking and finish off this series as quickly and convincingly as possible. The Wild don’t appear to be much of a threat to the Blackhawks, and as long as they continue the dominent play we’ve come accustomed to seeing in the regular season, and as long as Corey Crawford returns to early-season form as he likely will be the full time starter with Ray Emery injured, this series shouldn’t go more than 4-5 games. And it is a great opportunity to show that the Blackhawks are for real, that they are truly the best team in the NHL, and that they will not be satisfied until they are hoisting the Stanley Cup Trophy. Because if they don’t win it all, how memorable will their record-setting start in a strike-shortened season that will always be accompanied with an asterisk next to it?


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