Bulls Player Grades: Marquis Teague/Nazr Mohammed/Daequan Cook


Marquis Teague was just supposed to be potential. A 4th string rookie point guard who would sit at the end of the bench, practice opposite Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich, and be a sponge until 2014-2015 when Hinrich’s contract was up and he would be ready to be DRose’s full time backup. But with Derrick Rose not returning, and Kirk Hinrich dealing with injuries all year, Marquis Teague ended up getting more than he bargained for. And while he made his fair share of rookie mistakes, he got valuable experience, including during the Bulls miracle playoff run. He flashed his quickness and showed his potential to be a solid backup point in the future. But he was not ready to be a backup this year, and even in short relief stints for Nate Robinson, never got into much of a rhythm  and the team struggled more than succeeded with Teague at the helm. He has upside for sure, and too much was asked of him this year, but he does seem like the kind of hard-working kid the organization loves – and if he continues to improve his game, could end up being an impact player in this system. Grade: C-


Nazr was brought in to be Kurt Thomas. A saavy, “Bill Cartwright-elbowed” vet, who could come off the bench, play hard D, use some fouls, give Noah a rest, and hit a few 12-15 foot jumpers. But for some reason the Bulls, already with depleted front court depth after losing Omer Asik in the offseason, let Nazr sit for most of the season while Joakim Noah played over-extended minutes which ultimately led to injury. All season I begged the question, “Why aren’t they using him?”. And that question was answered every time he gave the Bulls impact minutes off the bench, specifically in the playoffs. Had Nazr been integrated earlier in the season, would Noah have possibly avoided his late-season injuries? I’d love to see Nazr back next year. A great locker room guy who still has basketball in him. If Thibs lets the guy play. Grade: C


With the Bulls letting Kyle Korver go in the offseason, the Bulls needed a new three point specialist – and they got one in Daequan Cook. A career 37% 3-point shooter, who in 2010-2011 shot almost 50% from behind the arc while with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Cook seemed like the guy….and I have never seen a “3-point specialist” be the WORST 3-point shooting rotation player like he was on the Bulls. 15-61 in the regular season, and 1-8 in the post season (not including the two 3-balls he never got to take in the Miami series because he stepped out of bounds as soon as he got the ball). We needed hot sauce. We got blue cheese. Grade: F


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