Bulls Player Grades: Kirk Hinrich


Two months ago, I wrote a piece about how Kirk Hinrich was the key to the Bulls making a long playoff run, and possibly getting by the East-favorite Miami Heat. Little did I know, Hinrich is a walking glass menagerie and could barely stay healthy as the season wound down and playoffs pushed forward. But if any positive came out of Hinrich’s injuries, it was a display of his value. Hinrich is a true veteran court leader, a great facilitator and one of the most under-rated defensive players in the league today. Kirk’s last game of the season was the one that showcased  him at his best – the Game 4 of the Nets series. The triple overtime thriller in which he played, what we didn’t know at the time would be, his final 60 incredible minutes of the season. It was like a super hero willingly gives up the last of his power for the betterment of the greater good. It was literally all he had left in him, and it was an incredible show of strength, grit and heart. What brought Kirk’s stock down for me was his constant injury. He only played 60 games this season. And with Derrick Rose out all year, they really needed him for more than that. Healthy, he could have extended that series against Miami – but he was too much of an injury liability, which the Bulls knew when they signed him. He played great when he was out there, but wasn’t there when it counted. Grade: B-


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