Bears vs Vikings – 5 Things to Watch


Here is what to watch for as we countdown to kick off….

1. The Bears defensive line – The Bears need to see a lot more pressure from their defensive line, particularly Julius Peppers and Henry Melton. They’ll have a big hand in containing Adrian Peterson in the backfield.

2. No turnovers – The Bears offense showed us some nice things last week and they need to take another step forward this week. They should have every opportunity against this Vikings defense, but that also means not turning the ball over. The Vikings shouldn’t score a ton on the Bears, but a bad interception giving them a shortened field could change that.

3. Matt Forte – Field conditions being suspect today with the Illinois game last night and the rain today, it will be important for the Bears to establish the run and control the clock. Holding onto the ball will be a high priority for Forte as well – Forte needs to break 100 yards today and find the endzone at least once.

4. The Bears O-Line – That right side is really young, and Bushrod will have a lot on his hands with Jared Allen. And even though they played a great game last week against the Bengals, their youth is bound to show at times. If they can’t protect Cutler and Forte and keep the Vikings off the field, it puts a lot more pressure on the defense.

5. Make AP human – There is no stopping AP. But after his big run to start the game last week, the Lions were able to contain him – but the best defense for Peterson may be the Bears offense. If they can run up the score and take the run game away from the Vikings, they’ll force Christian Ponder to beat them. On the Bears side, they will need to see improved play from D.J Williams and the safeties when it comes to Peterson. Don’t let him get to the secondary.

Prediction – Bears 24 Vikings 14


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