Week 3 Recap – “Un-D-feated”

The Bears are 3-0. Undefeated. Top of the division. We’ve seen this before. I’m excited. But after starting last season 7-1 and then missing the playoffs, I have every reason to be skeptical. Lets take a look at both sides of the Bears’ coin as they enter into an extremely important Week 4 game in Detroit.



-The Bears continue to take the ball away, including 5 against the Steelers (2 of which returned for touchdowns). The Bears defense continues to be one of the most formidable offenses in the league.

-Matt Forte goes for over 100 yards from scrimmage again, including a touchdown. He is living up to the stud of this offense that everyone thought he would be under Marc Trestman.

-Jay Cutler got the ball out quickly and led the team to yet another game saving 4th quarter touchdown. The Steelers defense did not take it easy on Cutler, but when momentum began to shift in the second half, Jay made the big forth quarter drive for the third straight game.

-Alshon Jeffrey made 7 catches and Earl Bennett scored the clutch, toe-dragging TD as the Bears receivers not named “Marshall” finally made an impact and allowed Cutler to move the ball around, keeping defenses guessing.

-DJ Williams played his best game of the season as the Bears’ linebacking corps appears to be, dare I say, a better unit than last year.



– In all three wins, the Bears’ offense has shown flashes of great, but has also gone quiet for long periods of time. They need to prove they can get a lead and hold it. The offense needs to continue to progress because better opponents will not allow them back into games, and no matter how good the defense is, they can be worn down.

– As good as the D has been, Ben Roethlisberger passed for over 400 yards. A quarterback with those numbers and a better supporting cast could spell danger for the Bears.

– Charles Tillman has come up hobbled after each of the last two games. Henry Melton has been declared out for the season with a torn ACL. The Bears aging defense may be starting to show their age. And although Melton hasn’t quite lived up this season, no doubt he was an important part of this defense.

-Jay Cutler’s pass to Earl Bennett in the endzone was his only touchdown. He was only directly responsible for 7 of the Bears’ 40 points. He won the game, true, but if the Bears are going to beat better teams, Cutler needs to start to prove he can be the guy who can throw for 2 touchdowns and 300+ yards consistently.

-The Bears have not played any elite teams and I don’t feel have truly been tested yet.


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