Sweet Home Week in Review (3/31-4/6)


Chicago Cubs – Weekly Record: 2-4

Chicago White Sox – Weekly Record: 3-3

The baseball season kicked off this week, and it looks like this year is going to be as ugly as advertised here in Chicago. I got to watch a little of both teams this week and here is what I’ve learned – Jose Abreu is, in fact, a beast. Already has 6 RBI in his first week and its only a matter of time before he starts sending a few out of the park. The Cubs are still a major work in progress on offense, but their pitching has actually been solid. They just can’t score runs and leave way too many runners in scoring position. Elilio Bonifacio gave Cubs fans something to cheer about in his first two games, but appears to be coming back to earth, as expected. They need to start to see more from Castro, Rizzo, Olt and Lake otherwise any interest that may have been able to get in the Major League club this year is going to sputter out fast.


Chicago Blackhawks – Weekly Record – 3-0

The Blackhawks have bounced back strong from their second big injury in as many weeks. They got good news as well that Toews and Kane should be back at full strength for the playoffs, and the Blackhawks have earned some much needed points this week as they attempt to get home ice in the first round. Their 5 points in their three games this week was capped off with a huge win over division rival St. Louis. They now sit in the 5 seed, 2 points behind San Jose and Colorado, who lost to the Penguins on Sunday. This is just the kind of effort they need to get back to being the champs we remember from last year, who had depth and were getting contributions from every line. Hopefully some wins to finish off the year without their two best players will be the extra motivation this team needed to head into the post-season with some serious momentum.


Chicago Bulls – Weekly Record: 4-0

The Bulls have won 8 of their last 10 and continue to defy all odds this season as they are fighting for the 3-seed in the East. D.J Augustin has been amazing, taking the team on his back and leading them in scoring come off the bench. This from a guy who was picked up off the slush pile midway through the season. As much as we don’t expect the Bulls to be serious title contenders this year, I’d love to see them make a playoff run and make some teams sweat. The ideal scenario I see has the Bulls getting themselves the 3-seed and getting Washington (who spent the week talking shit about how they could beat the Bulls only to be embarrassed by them Saturday night) in the first round and Indiana, who is in the middle of a late season free-fall in the second round, all while avoiding red hot Brooklyn in round one and Miami until the conference finals.


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