Time to Cut-ler our Losses

Sunday night, families ate dinner together. Fathers helped their children with their homework. Husbands spent quality time with their wives. And all thanks to the Chicago Bears, the number one cause for Sunday family togetherness all around Chicago and across the country! Thanks Bears, for being too painful to watch and bringing men and women together with their loved ones each and every Sunday.

When I first started writing this post, I began by listing everything that went wrong on Sunday night from the opening kick return. But the truth is, the problems can not and will not be solved on the football field, not this year anyway. The problems are much, much bigger.

For all of the moves the Bears have made on and off the field in the last five years, they all have one thing in common. Each and every move was made to accommodate Jay Cutler, finally a franchise quarterback on a team that was unfamiliar with the concept. From the GM, to the head coach, to the offensive coordinator, to the receivers, to the offensive line. Every single one of those pieces were designed and built around Cutler, the highest payed player in the NFL this season, and we’re left to face the sobering reality that it has not worked. Jay Cutler is a 9-year pro still making all of the same mistakes he’s made his entire career. Paired with Brandon Marshall, who, for all of his amazing skill, has still never played in an NFL playoff game. Marc Trestman, the supposed “brilliant offensive mind”, is proving why he couldn’t keep an NFL job for more than a few years until he was eventually sent away to the CFL. From the day we traded for Jay Cutler, it appeared we were making all of the right moves. I was amongst the crowd who was, for years, saying, “when we just fix the offensive line”, “when we just get a number one receiver”, “when we just get the right offensive coordinator” and 9 weeks into this NFL season, I think its safe to say that we got it wrong. There is nothing left to wait for. We have all the pieces, and it just doesn’t work.

Chances are, Cutler and Trestman aren’t going anywhere. There is too much money and pride tied up in both. The Bears are built to win now, and in that way, they have failed. Sure they’ll win a few more games this season, maybe even a game or two over better teams. But for all intents and purposes any hope for this season and probably the next two, is lost.

I’m not angry anymore. Its worse. I’m apathetic – and so are the Bears. A team who, based on what I saw on Sunday, is just waiting for the season to be over. Well guess what…so am I.


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